Language Arts
  • Epitaphs
True Tombstone Epitaphs
The Epitaph Browser A collection of epitaphs, both of the famous and of the obscure. Part of City of the Silent, the Web's foremost cemeteries site.
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Writing an Epitaph
Reader's Guide (pdf)

The Graveyard Book read by author Neil Gaiman
  • Immortality
Tuck Everlasting (novel by Natalie Babbitt

Living Forever (picture book by Peter Reynolds)
  • Obituaries
The Final Word (cross-curricular lesson plan)
  • Research
  • Creative writing prompts

  • Graphing population, death rates, names
  • Mapping gravesites in local cemeteries
  • Costs of funerals and headstones
  • Surveys
  • Statistics


Social Studies

  • Create/add to a digital portfolio
  • Collaborative projects
  • Global connections
  • Creation of memorials and how they have changed through history (including modern concepts like engraved photos and audio components)

Visual/Performing Arts

Service Projects

Other Resources:

  • From CSI Webquest